Calgary, Canada – May 28,29,30, 2018

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World Climbing and the IFSC are hosting a 3 day route setting course designed to teach experienced gym setters more advanced techniques to better meet the needs of commercial climbing gyms. The concepts for these needs has been compiled from real working conditions in gyms all over the world and aims to begin to build professional standards for the organization and safety in the route setting workplace.

Participants for this course will be evaluated and if successful will be recognized as certified at the Foundation level, the first step in the IFSC’s new commercial setter certification track that aims to professionalize route setting outside of competitions. It is a continental level course sanctioned by the IFSC.

The course will emphasize the following:

– Safety
– Communication
– Teamwork
– Athletic empathy

The course will also explore the following themes and methods:

– Setting methodology
– Setting quality
– Professionalism in route setting
– Creativity
– Time management
– Productive forerunning
– The Risk – Intensity – Complexity scale
– Composing a set or a circuit


At least 2 years of sustained setting experience
At least 5 years of climbing experience
Ability to climb 7a – v6 in many styles recommended

Evaluation will be made by (at least) two instructors based on skills demonstrated, and
progress made during the course.

Instructors: Tonde Katiyo & Travis Kemp
Assistant Instructor: Fred Charron
Participants: 8

Price: 1200 euros/1920 $CAD

Location: Bolder Climbing Community

Address: 5508 1 St SE #5, Calgary, AB T2H 2W9, Canada
Phone: +1 403-255-9565

The selection process is now closed. We want to thank everyone who applied! If you would like to be notified about the next course, please send us a message at